All of these products are a part of the VisFoundation, an advanced set of tools that give Unreal Developers access to a large set of functionality without compromising on performance, customization options, extendibility, or otherwise. We provide high quality, long-lasting assets that grow with you and the community. 


FPS was created to give developers a reliable and flexible base for making intelligent FPS, TPS, Shooter / Melee, and similar AI. You’ll be able to quickly create new tactics for your AI in a modular way by using The Behaviour Foundation. Tactics can freely move between AI with simple copy paste when built correctly. Priority is also incredibly easy to manage. Priority of tactics could change over-time, or even be tied directly to a variable such as score; increasing the variation & realism of your game’s battles. This and much more is possible with this pack.

VisAI – Framework

VisAI is a tool built to give power to developers creating AI in Unreal Engine. It includes a unique theory that is powerful yet easy to use, an expansive set of modular features to use while creating AI, tools to help you create & debug your AI, and much more. It’s been in production since 2018 and will continue to evolve with the help of it’s community.

VisAI – Companion

Companion was created to give developers a reliable and flexible base for making intelligent RPG, Narrative, Puzzler, or similar AI companions. It includes a large amount of features designed to give you quick access to creating your unique AI. Not only does it include a flexible AI base, it includes a variety of systems designed to give your player maximum interactivity with the AI. Commands, Interaction, UI, and much more has been built for you and is ready to be completely customized to your needs.

VisGM – Deathmatch

VisGM – Team Deathmatch