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VisAI – Community is a version of VisAI available for free as a part of the Permanently Free Collection. It’s a tool built to give power to developers creating AI in Unreal Engine. It includes a unique theory that is powerful yet easy to use, an expansive set of modular features to use while creating AI, tools to help you create & debug your AI, and much more.

VisAI – Community includes the VisAI framework & FPS subsystem updated for all of version 1. Learn more about VisAI versions & the future of the framework here

Built for Everyone

VisAI uses The Behaviour Foundation ; a custom AI theory that harnesses the power of popular methods such as Utility AI , GOAP , State Machines , and Behaviour Trees . It’s powerful, optimized, and easy to work with from start to finish. Whether you’re a veteran programmer or a newly inspired designer, you’ll be able to pick up VisAI quickly.

Enhanced Environment

Your AI’s lifecycle should be straightforward and manageable. VisAI provides intuitive tools, systems, and much more to help support you along the way.

Steadily Evolving

With the help of its community, VisAI adds new features frequently; giving you new tools to use with your AI. The project was originally built in Unreal Engine 4.7, and has since stayed compatible with all engine versions.

Dynamic Decision Making

A lot of AI use Event Based AI, meaning they calculate what to do based on what is currently happening. This is not intelligent or reactive. VisAI is a Data Driven AI, meaning it calculates decisions based on current available data. The AI is acting based on what it thinks it should do. Similar to how we think!

Customize Every Aspect

VisAI was built for the long-term. Modular and Streamlined code make it easy to change specific functionality to meet your needs exactly. You’ll be able to integrate it with virtually anything compatible with Unreal Engine.

Learn more about VisAI – Community & the future of VisAI Framework

The v1 FPS subsystem was created to give developers a reliable and flexible base for making intelligent FPS/TPS AI. You’ll be able to quickly create new tactics for your AI in a modular way by using The Behaviour Foundation.

Tactics can freely move between AI with simple copy paste when built correctly. Priority is also incredibly easy to manage. Priority of tactics could change over-time, or even be tied directly to a variable such as score; increasing the variation & realism of your game’s battles. This and much more is possible with this pack.

The Ultimate Toolset

This pack is filled with everything you’ll need to create the next best FPS/TPS AI. From perception integration, easy EQS integration, and more, you’ll have everything to build exactly what your game needs.

Shooter/Melee AI, Relationships, Memory & much more

Template AI cooperate; Friendly AI won’t damage each other, damaged AI will alert nearby friendly AI to ask for help, and much more! If you’re looking for an extensive base for your AI attacker, this pack is for you!

Create the Ultimate Battle

With all the tools provided to you, you’ll be able to create intelligent and reactive AI that will truly keep your players on edge.

Easily Adaptable

Worried if your AI character will work? The answer is always yes. You’ll be able to adapt the AI’s brain to work with any setup, regardless of what you’re using already. Each template also comes with an optional animation blueprint!

Advanced Behaviour

With VisAI’s Behaviour Foundation, you’ll be able to create and manage your AI’s behaviour in a modular format. Controlling the way your AI thinks is as simple as designing a condition & outcome. Utilizing EQS is as simple as running the query and returning the data to your AI. No matter what AI you’re building, VisAI can handle it efficiently.


The Ranged AI template was built to provide a ready-to-customize example for AI that use ranged-type attacks. It runs away when health is low, reacts when itself or a team member is damaged, remembers an enemies last known location if they run away, and much more.


The Melee AI template was built to give developers a head-start on AI that use Melee attacks. It has all the capabilities of the ranged AI besides the ranged attack. The Melee

Intelligent Awareness

Dynamic thinking and awareness is necessary to creating truly intelligent AI; and your AI will have both! With the ability to think for itself, remember enemies, and much more, you’ll be able to create advanced, lifelike AI.

Choose your Team

Your AI can easily handle enemies and friendlies using VisAI’s Relationships system. You’ll also find different settings like friendly fire, auto targeting from damage, and more!

Advanced Targeting

In order to deal with intense combat situations, an AI can’t just target everyone who attacks them; it has to be intelligent about it. VisAI’s Targeting System allows for multiple targets alongside a main target, as well as priorities based on distance & damage being done, and lots more.

Easily Modifiable, Built for Customization

Everything from the ground up has been built so that you can easily expand and modify quickly. You’ll find modular functionality, lots of settings, detailed code comments, and much more.

Project Ready

We’ve spent the time so you don’t have to. Your AI is highly bug-tested & ready for new features, a new mesh, and animations!

Learning Vault

The learning vault is a vault of free learning resources available to anyone looking for code examples. You can submit your own learning resources to help others too!


You can find product support, product news, new fans, free games, and more in our Community. A lot of effort goes into making it a helpful and supportive environment.


VisAI provides different examples to demonstrate how you can use the framework to accomplish different things. You’ll find highly detailed examples of various AI functionality ready to help you enhance your AI skills.


You can also find tutorials dedicated to specific topics within the framework. More in the works!


You’ll find detailed documentation on VisAI’s website:

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Tutorials & Documentation

Community Features

  • Ranged AI Template (Fully integrated with all features below)
  • Melee AI Template (Fully integrated with all features below)
  • AI can flee when health is low, automatically healing if enabled. Can easily be extended to work with looking for health pickups instead
  • Both AI remember when an enemy has left their sight. They know where they last were; and using this information look for them in nearby locations. Similar to how you would!
  • Both AI are Integrated with Room-based pathfinding for quick, intelligent, and seamless navigation of levels.
  • Add attack tactics to the templates in a modular way because of The Behaviour Foundation. Each tactic is effectively encapsulated in it’s own box, and can even be copy pasted from AI to AI.
  • AI use the relationship system to determine how they react to actors. Easily define friendlies, neutrals, and enemies by changing your AI’s settings.
  • Both of these templates call out to nearby friendlies when they are damaged by an enemy, giving them intelligent reactions when the battle begins.
  • Ranged & Melee are fully integrated with the Advanced Targeting system, ensuring they never get confused when the battle situation gets intense.
  • Both AI are fully integrated with the Perception System, giving them Hearing, Sight, & Touch (Collision based) capabilities.

Framework Features

Version Comparison

Version 1.xVersion 2.x
Universal AI CreationYesYes
Product TypeBlueprint PackEngine Plugin
Development UIBehaviour TreeUnique Graphic Interface
C++ SupportMust Expose to BPCan Develop Natively

Product Comparison

Foundation FPS Companion Community
Version 1.x
Version 2+
TOOLS ✅ (v1.4)
AI Creation Tool ✅ (v1.4)
Subsystem Creation Tool ✅ (v1.4)
TEMPLATES ✅ (v1.4)
Child Templates ✅ (v1.4)
Woodcutter ✅ (v1.4)
Hide & Seek ✅ (v1.4)
Garbage Collector
Ranged ✅ (v1.4)
Melee ✅ (v1.4)
Basic Melee Enemy
SYSTEMS ✅ (v1.4)
Perception ✅ (v1.4)
Pathfinding ✅ (v1.4)
Memory ✅ (v1.4)
Relationships ✅ (v1.4)
Targeting ✅ (v1.4)
Health & Damage ✅ (v1.4)

Pick the version that’s best for you!

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