A part of VisAI was chosen to become part of Epics Unreal Marketplace Permanently Free Collection. VisAI Community includes the previous FPS packs templates & features, including a shooter & melee AI template among the other features provided with the framework.

To ensure that the rest of the framework continues to grow, VisAI – Community will be locked to version 1 while other packs move to version 2. You can learn more about the difference from links on this page or the overview below.

VisAI – Community will continue to receive minor updates for quality of life, bugfixes, and always stay updated with the latest engine versions.

Version Comparison

Version 1.xVersion 2.x
Universal AI CreationYesYes
Product TypeBlueprint PackEngine Plugin
Development UIBehaviour TreeUnique Graphic Interface
C++ SupportMust Expose to BPCan Develop Natively

Product Comparison

Foundation FPS Companion Community
Version 1.x
Version 2+
TOOLS ✅ (v1.4)
AI Creation Tool ✅ (v1.4)
Subsystem Creation Tool ✅ (v1.4)
TEMPLATES ✅ (v1.4)
Child Templates ✅ (v1.4)
Woodcutter ✅ (v1.4)
Hide & Seek ✅ (v1.4)
Garbage Collector
Ranged ✅ (v1.4)
Melee ✅ (v1.4)
Basic Melee Enemy
SYSTEMS ✅ (v1.4)
Perception ✅ (v1.4)
Pathfinding ✅ (v1.4)
Memory ✅ (v1.4)
Relationships ✅ (v1.4)
Targeting ✅ (v1.4)
Health & Damage ✅ (v1.4)

Pick the version that’s best for you!